Windelov Java Fern


Item: 5cm x 5cm diameter


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Type: Fern РNot as common as Broad Leaf Java Fern

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Slow

Lighting: Low to Medium

Propagation: Rhizome cuttings

Colour: Dark green

Additional Information:¬†Glue or tie it to a piece of driftwood or rock and it will slowly in time cover the object. Don’t plant windelov java in the substrate as the rhizome (segment the leaves are attached to) needs to be able to access light.

N.B. This plant may or may not contain harmless non-plant eating aquatic snails (if you do not wish to keep aquatic snails in your aquarium please refer to our plant dip section under the FAQ and inspect your plants thoroughly for clear gel like snail eggs).


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