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For those of you who keep fish you will likely know what this is: Fish Food

Item: 1 tablespoon of white worm culture. This is not a tablespoon full of worms, it’s a tablespoon of medium with worms inside it. This is enough to get you started so you can have your own white worm farm to feed your fish with.

Bare in mind that these white worms don’t travel well during summer time and can die in transit if the weather gets too hot. Thus, spring, early autumn and winter are the best times to order white worms.

Media: We grow ours in a mixture of perlite and coco coir. You can use potting mix if you wish but the only drawback to potting mix is that is contains fertiliser. While this is not a bad thing and won’t kill the worms, it is the main reason why we use inert mediums to grow the worms, as what’s the point in having fertiliser in their medium if there isn’t a purpose for it. If you’re not sure what to use then the easiest solution is to go to Bunnings and buy this block of coco coir as it is inert and the worms will enjoy living in it. Remember you’ll need to wet it so it expands and becomes soft and damp. You can also add a bit of shredded newspaper if you like. Remember to keep them in a cool dark place and put them in a bigger container when they arrive with more media. You should use a lid but make sure it has some holes in it for ventilation. You’ll also need to make sure the medium is very slightly damp but not sodden.

Diet and care: Food scraps like cooked vegetables, salads, fruit, used tea leaves, vegetable baby food, used coffee grounds and the odd bit of stale bread but not too much or it can go mouldy. Give them food that is not heavily processed and they can easily compost. If you don’t have anything to feed them then you can give them cat biscuits but only enough for them to consume within a few days so the food doesn’t go rotten. Check on them and see what they like and try a few things. We don’t feed them any meat scraps so I don’t suggest doing this, although I know they love fish food and frozen discus tucker which contains a small amount of ground up fish and meat. Don’t feed them citrus fruits like lemons, spicy foods, onions and garlic, bones, big chunks of meat, dairy, or anything greasy or fatty. Remember to vary their diet so offer a selection of foods, not just one type.

Tips: I like to use this worm blanket from bunnings, you can cut it to size. I also use a plastic lid with holes for ventilation. The worm blanket is not necessary at all, but it adds more darkness and security for the worms during the day when they are feeding and helps prevent fruit flies from pestering. Fruit flies are not dangerous so don’t worry if they hang around but they will target anything that is decomposing, especially food scraps. 

Please note that if the worms do happen to get overheated in transit we won’t sending a replacement free of charge. If however we have some still in stock we are more than happy to send a free batch of worms only if you pay the courier and packaging material charge of $5.50. More than likely we will only stock these during spring and autumn to avoid worm fatality although local customers are more than welcome to collect them from us during summer. Location: Mana, Wellington.

Google is a wealth of information for keeping white worm cultures but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or question.








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