Variegated chain of hearts cutting 10cm


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Item: 1 x 10cm cutting

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IN order to get it to grow roots. Simply remove a set of leaves at one end of the stem and plant that area into some good quality indoor potting mix. So you’re basically planting a set of nodes into some soil. The rest of the cutting can rest on top of the soil. I quite like “Daltons premium indoor potting mix”. But any good brand will do. Don’t get a budget brand however as they don’t tend to drain very well.

Keep the soil damp but not sodden. They should grow roots in approximately a month or even less. Once it has its roots you don’t need to water it as often. They prefer to dry out between waterings.

This plant likes a good amount of sunlight and can handle winter temperatures in a greenhouse as well which makes it quite handy for our cold NZ winter climate as it’s not too precious. It is still an indoor plant however so best to not keep it fully outdoors in mid winter. Autumn, spring and summer however providing you don’t get a frost. A sunny carport is fine during autumn, spring and summer.



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