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Natural Driftwood in a range of unique and eye-catching shapes, ideal for aquascaping your aquarium or palandrume.

Or, simply have on display in the home as a naturalistic piece of decor. The warm golden tones within the wood combined with the unique twisted shapes are without a doubt eye-catching.

Spiderwood is actually the root zone of a tree. These unique pieces are very versatile and will give any aquascaper the ability to mimic and recreate a riverbank or submerged forest.

With all its roots, it would be easy to create a bonsai tree or any other natural looking environment.

Product photos of the spiderwood are just a couple of examples of how they will look. Each piece of wood will vary in shape and size as they are all individually unique.

NB: If you have a preference in size and shape then please feel free to email us before or after you have placed your order and we will do our best to accomodate your requirements based on what we have in stock! We prefer not to take photos of each individual piece of wood but can of course get the tape measure out and take requests on size and approximate shape/contour. Or we can of course just surprise you!

Please note that sizes are measured from the longest point! 


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