Soleirolia soleirolii aka Baby tears – NOT Aquatic


Item: 1 little clump of cuttings consisting of about 5 x 5cm stems


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For: Terrarium ground cover, house pot plant, out door pot plant or plant around an outdoor pond – These are not to submerge in your aquarium as they are not an aquatic plant!

Baby’s Tears gets it name from its tiny round leaves that rest on thin fragile stems.  It will slowly spread and creep sideways and spill beautifully over its pot whilst cascading downwards. In ideal conditions it may produce little white flowers. Perfect for terrariums! These plants tend to look very compact and bushy, they are considered a creeping stem plant and will get to a maximum of approx 15cm of bushiness height.

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Low to Medium. Not too much direct sunlight but it does enjoy diffused sunlight or artificial light in a terrarium situation

Origin: Western Mediterranean

Propagation: Cuttings

Additional Information: Enjoys being watered regularly and does not tolerate droughts. In order to assist in acclimatising to the new environment, simple peal off a couple cm of the lower leaves and plant the stems only. You can raise the humidity by placing a clear cup over top of it so that light can get in but the humidity stays trapped inside the cup. This will help the plant grow roots and keep the leaves safe from drying out. You can remove the cup in a couple of weeks. Feel free to spray the inside of the cup with water before placing over the plant.



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