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Per Item: 3 – 4 stems between 8 and 15cm tall

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Type: Stem/Terrarium/House Pot Plant – Not suitable for an aquarium as it is not an aquatic plant therefore don’t purchase this for your fish tank. A frog enclosure is fine however as it won’t be completely submersed. 

Care: Advanced

Growth Rate: Average

Lighting: Very High

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour: Pink/Purple

Additional Information: This is not an aquatic plant and is best suited for a terrarium! It can survive for long periods of time under water however from our research it is not going to thrive submersed. A terrarium with a lid in order to create some humidity would be ideal if you are not wanting the plant to wither away and regrow itself. If you do not have any humidity in your terrarium then the plant will start to grow leaves that can cope with the lack of humidity and the old leaves will eventually die and be replaced. Plants are great like this and can adapt to different environments providing their specific requirements are met. A very attractive plant.

-If you are using this as a pot plant then plant it in your desired pot with potting mix and put a cut off 2 litre soft drink bottle over top like a dome or cover it in cling wrap. You’re essentially making a miniature greenhouse just to keep the humdiity up while the plant grows its roots. Keep the soil damp but not swimming. Once your plant has some roots in about 1-2 weeks time you can take the cling wrap or dome off, trim off any shrivelled leaves and proceed happily from there.


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