Pink Syngonium


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Type: Terrarium, House Pot Plant, Exterior Aquarium Decoration

Item: 1 health plant with roots – The roots are incased in rockwool and a tiny little pot. Bare in mind the pots are somewhat useless long term and so is the rock wool. You can easily remove the rock wool by pealing it off and use the pot for some other project of sorts

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Medium to bright but diffused light. I personally would not put this directly under a light bulb as that would be too bright. If you are using house lights due to lack of ambient room light then the light on the ceiling is sufficient or a desk lamp at a 50cm distance or there abouts.

Origin: Native to Tropical Rainforests where they climb up plants and grow along the ground

Propagation: Cuttings with a leaf and root already present – you will notice little stumpy roots coming off the stems. You can cut the plant just below this and propagate a new one.

Colour: Pink with army green tones. The colour depends on the light levels you give it and fertilisers given. I give mine a medium lit room surrounded by other plants. The light levels are definitely diffused however they do get a nice bout of winter afternoon sun at present.

Additional Information: A must have for any open aquarium or filter! Simply poke the root system into your filter media (whatever it may be) and bring the look of your filter to life! Hang on the back (HOB) filters are perfect as you can just remove the lid. Many people will just dip the ends of the plant in their fish tank and trail it around the edges or corners to create a gorgeous vine. All it takes is one end of the plant to suck up the nutrients and the rest of the vine can be coiled around or draped anywhere you wish.  The roots of the syngonium will absorb the nitrates and phosphate and use them for growth. You can also plant this into some dirt and use as an indoor house plant. Note: If you have inquisitive children and pets who may want to chew or crush plants please be aware that ingesting it can cause burning, swelling of lips, tongue, and throat; vomiting; and diarrhoea. (Fish are not known to eat it therefore it is safe for your aquarium and commonly used). 

Note: we sometimes have pink syngonium plants available on request


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