Pearl Weed (Hemianthus Micranthemoides)


Item: 5 short little stems approx 2-4cm in legnth – Emersed grown hence why they are so stumpy. I have found they don’t grow very tall when emersed grown. They grow a lot taller when submerged in an aquarium however. Will likely send in a little baggy as they may be too short and delicate to wrap with lead.

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Snail free and algae free!

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Type: Stem

Lighting: Medium to high

Difficulty: Easy

Propagation: via cuttings

Position Foreground or mid. Just trim short if you want as a foreground plant.

Can grow emerged or submerged. Although is a lot easier to grow submerged

These have been grown emersed therefore they are snail free. No need to plant dip. Consequently however the stems are very short as that’s just how they ended up when I grew them emersed.


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