Peacock Moss w/duckweed


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This is primarily peacock moss with possibly bits of riccia fluitans amongst it

Probably not snail free – They don’t eat plants however

Unfortunately duckweed got into the aquarium it was in therefore if you want your aquarium to be free of duckweed you must float this in a bowl and ensure every little piece is gone before letting it anywhere near your tank



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Type: Moss

Item Amount: Shown in Gallery Image with hand

Care: Easy

Temperature: 18 – 26 Degrees

Growth Rate: Slow

Lighting: Low to Medium

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour: Green

Additional Information: Place this moss thinly on a rock of driftwood and wrap fishing line around it and watch it grow into a beautiful a ray of peacock tail shaped leaves. NB: If you make the moss to thick the underneath moss that does not see light will not grow and turn brown. This moss does not do well in temperatures above 26 degrees and eventually looses it’s peacock tail shape appearance if kept long enough in hot temperatures.

This is not common like Java or Christmas Moss and is by far the prettiest out of the three due to the way it “fans out”, as well as the texture is much thicker and softer.

N.B. This plant may or may not contain harmless non-plant eating aquatic snails (if you do not wish to keep aquatic snails in your aquarium please refer to our plant dip section under the FAQ and inspect your plants thoroughly for clear gel like snail eggs).


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