Parviflorus Tropica Sword – RARE!!!


1 small Parviflorus Sword

Currently only about 4cm tall. These don’t grow all that tall as adults either

Get while you can as they are only in stock 1 -2 times per year

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Type: Sword

Size: 7-15cm – Note: This sword does not grow very large making it ideal for smaller aquariums or can be placed at the foreground of large aquariums

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Average

Lighting: Medium to High

Propagation: Plant sends out juvenile plants

Colour: Green

Latin Name: Echinodorus Parviflorus

Additional Information: Give this plant a root ball/tab as this plant is a heavy root feeder. Seachem Tabs and API Tabs  are both good brands.

For more information check out this link from Aquatic Plant Central


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