N’Joy Potho – 1 leaf cutting


Item: 1 leaf cutting with a root stump.

Make sure the little brown root stump (including a small section of the stem) is in your aquarium or soil when propagating this plant otherwise it will shrivel up! Prior knowledge on cutting propagation helps. It’s not difficult! Phone me (jess) on 027 630 9994 if you feel uneasy about propagating such a pricy plant and I can talk you through the super easy steps to ensuring it does well.

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Type: Terrarium, House Pot Plant, Exterior Aquarium Decoration. Can grow in nutrient rich water (like out the top of an aquarium) with the roots submersed only, or in potting mix like a pot plant! It is tropical so it must be kept indoors during winter. Not suitable as a pond plant in New Zealand as our climate is too cold.

Item: 1 healthy leaf with a root system attached for you to dip into an aquarium or filter. New leaves will sprout out the side of the current leaf and form a trail.

Botanical name : Epipremnum aureum

Care: Easy to medium.

Growth Rate: Medium. It’s not painfully slow but it does take its time. I got around 5 leaves from a plant with one leaf in the space of about 2 months during summer.

Lighting: Medium (brightly lit filtered light) but don’t blast it with super high light like direct sun on a window sill for example. It would overwhelm the plant significantly.

Origin: “N’Joy” is a cultivar. Epipremnum aureum is native to tropical and subtropical Asia, Australia, Pacific.

Propagation: Cuttings with existing stumpy root nodes. MUST have the root node or else it won’t grow.

Colour: White and Green

Additional Information: A must have for any open aquarium or filter! Simply poke the root system into your filter media (whatever it may be) and bring the look of your filter to life! Hang on the back (HOB) filters are perfect as you can just remove the lid. Many people will just dip the ends of the plant in their fish tank and trail it around the edges or corners to create a gorgeous vine. All it takes is one end of the plant to suck up the nutrients and the rest of the vine can be coiled around or draped anywhere you wish.  The roots of the pothos will absorb the nitrates and phosphate and use them for growth. Note: If you have inquisitive children and pets who may want to chew or crush plants please be aware that ingesting it can cause burning, swelling of lips, tongue, and throat; vomiting; and diarrhea. (Fish are not known to eat it therefore it is safe for your aquarium and commonly used). I should mention that I have a cat and he doesn’t bother eating plants so I’m lucky in that aspect. I don’t think many cats actually “want” to eat or chew on plants for that matter but you never know.


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