Monstera Swiss Cheese – NOT AQUATIC


Item: 1 leaf cutting with a little stumpy root node

These are cut to order

Make sure the little brown root is in the water so it can grow

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Type: Terrarium, House Pot Plant, Exterior Aquarium Decoration

Item: 1 healthy leaf with a root system attached for you to dip into an aquarium or filter. New leaves will sprout out the side of the current leaf and form a trail.

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Medium

Lighting: Medium to high

Origin: Southern Mexico

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour: green with big holes in the leaves

Additional Information: A must have for any open aquarium or filter! Simply poke the root system into your filter media (whatever it may be) and bring the look of your filter to life! Hang on the back (HOB) filters are perfect as you can just remove the lid. Many people will just dip the ends of the plant in their fish tank and trail it around the edges or corners to create a gorgeous vine. All it takes is one end of the plant to suck up the nutrients and the rest of the vine can be coiled around or draped anywhere you wish.¬† The roots will absorb the nitrate and phosphate and use them for growth. These are also grown as pot plants so you can do that too if you wish. Prior knowledge on how to propagate from cuttings is required. If you do decide to grow it as a pot plant, be sure to fertilise it once a month and drain the soil occasionally so you don’t get a build up of fertiliser salts.


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