Monstera Laniata ‘monkey mask’ – Cutting – NOT Aquatic


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Item: 1 x 1 Leaf Cutting with root node

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This is the variety that looks very robust, a little distorted but nonetheless amazing for it! it has quite large holes in its leaves as well. The leaves look more robust and bigger than swiss cheese vine for example.

Prior knowledge on how to grow plants from cuttings is needed as these do not come with roots and are cut to order! 🙂

A quick note on care, these plants can get burnt tips if you don’t fertiliser them or forget to water them for long periods of time. Burnt yellowing tips is often a sign of under-fertilisation. (That is what I have discovered anyway). Keep them well fed and watered and they will be happy. Also it helps if you drain the soil every so often with fresh water and let the “run off” (water that drains out the bottom of the pot when you water it) disappear . I don’t actually put saucers under my plants so i’m never catching the water anyway. But that is only because I don’t mind the water falling on the floor. You just don’t want fertiliser build up in the pot over long periods of time is all, and a good flush out with clean water will fix that instantly. This rule applies to all plants!


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