Ludwigia Repens


Per Item: 3 Stems  6-10cm tall


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Type: Stem

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour: Green or Red depending on lighting and fertilisers. Underneath of leaves often turn light or bright pink.

Additional Info: This plant does great either planted or as a floating plant. If left to float each stem will grow stems out the side of it to form a a beautiful network. Very pretty plant.

Great for aquariums and ponds. For those of you with ponds: You can either throw this in un-potted and just let it float around or you can pot this one and place it in a semi-shallow area near the edge and let it creep along the surface of the water and around the edges. If your pond is dirted then plant near the edge in the shallow areas.

-Pond Potting instructions: Line a plastic mesh pond pot with high-flow weed matting (available at Bunnings in a grey roll), fill with Daltons Aquatic Mix and then cap with a fine washed pebble to stop the aquatic mix from escaping the pot. Remove bottom 3cm or so of leaves from your stems and plant them about 1-3 inches apart. THEN lower the pot into your pond very slowly to avoid making a mess.


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