Lobelia Cardinalis Mini – seconds “little mottled, old growth”

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This plant is quite a slow grower and we don’t have a lot to sell unfortunately. Limited stock in other words! Only available during the warmest months of the year. Note: There is a purple variety of Lobelia Cardinalis that you can sometime find it garden centres around New Zealand however it will not survive submerged like this green one can. I know as I have tried growing the purple one with Co2 and high light and it was a no go.

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Type:Ā Stem

Care: Average

Growth Rate: Slow to Average

Lighting: Medium to High

Propagation:Ā Cuttings

Origin: America

Extra Info: This is emersed grown. Because of this we know it is snail and algae free so you don’t have to do a plant dip. Plant dips are actually quite damaging to plants but they are necessary in some cases if you’re worried about algae or snails. Please refer to the link below on how to grow Lobelia Cardinalis as it is a more in depth description than I would probably bother to give at this point in time and there is no point in me repeating what’s already written here.

Product photo is its “submerged look”

Algae and snail free!


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