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Item:1 Large flat palm sized amount


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Type: Moss

Item Amount: 1 Large flat palm sized amount of healthy java moss

Care: Easy

Temperature: 18 – 30 Degrees – It can tolerate hotter temps than Peacock and Christmas moss

Growth Rate: Slow

Lighting: Low to Medium

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour: In medium to high light this moss turns a lighter green. It goes a darker green in low light.

Additional Information: Lots of people use this to make a bonsai tree! Place this moss thinly on a rock of driftwood and wrap fishing line around it and watch it grow. You can use seachem flourish glue however it does seem to leave a white residue behind if there is nothing covering the glue. People often use this for fry to hide in. Be sure to not let it get sucked up your filter.

N.B. This plant may or may not contain harmless non-plant eating aquatic snails (if you do not wish to keep aquatic snails in your aquarium please refer to our plant dip section under the FAQ and inspect your plants thoroughly for clear gel like snail eggs).


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