Japanese Rush


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Type: Terrarium and Pond or aquarium without a lid

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation: Propagates itself

Colour: Green with shades of green strips

Extra Info: This plant can go in ponds or aquariums as it can tolerate very cold temps and also very warm temps. It is important that the leaves poke out the top of the pond or aquarium so the plant can breath as this plant is semi-aquatic, not a true aquatic. Also known as ‘Acorus Rush’.

For those of you with ponds: Pot this one and place it in a semi-shallow area near the edge or in the centre if it’s shallow enough for the tips to be out.

-Potting instructions: Line a plastic mesh pond pot with high-flow weed matting (available at Bunnings in a grey roll), fill with Daltons Aquatic Mix and then cap with a fine washed pebble to stop the aquatic mix from escaping the pot. Don’t bury the crown of the plant (area where leaves pop out) Once planted, lower the pot into your pond very slowly to avoid making a mess.


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