Hygrophila ‘Sunset’ – Seconds – still VERY healthy, cosmetic damage


Item Amount: 4 stems per bunch

Emersed grown and got a bit crispy in some areas. The plants are still healthy and disease free.




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Type: Stem

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour/Patterns: Green, Pink, White, Veins depending on lighting and fertilisers given

Latin Name: Hygrophila Polysperma ‘Rosanervig’

Extra Info: This plant arrives looking more green in colour and shorter compact leaves than in the photo. This is because it has been grown out of water as the growers are able to do this with high humidity and grow plants very quickly this way. Rest assured, it converts to its under water form in time, and when it does it will look like the photo providing the correct fertilisers and lighting are given. It has the ability to turn various shades of pink, white and green.

Not to be confused with the less pink variety which is often mistakenly sold as this. This one is the prettier more pink one of the two.