Hoya Carnosa Cutting x 1


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1 x hoya carnosa cutting

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Can be grown hydroponically by dipping the node in your fish tank or filter or have it grow hydroponically. So the node area is the bit where the leaves come off of. Sometimes you can grow roots also off the end of the stem but the most prolific area for root growth is the leaf nodes. The leaves themselves may get a little wet if you’re trying to rest that area on top of some water. Be imaginative and you’ll figure out a system to get it going.

Hoya grow like a vine and will often twist around objects but they won’t stick to a wall like pothos can. They can twist around and around a pole or anything they can get their mits on.

If you want to root the cutting in dirt then just plant the stem into the dirt and make sure the leaf nodes are resting on the soil. Keep the soil a bit damp but not soggy. Hoya’s enjoy sunlight but can happily grow in partial shade, like in a car port or semi-sunny kitchen inside. They are near impossible to kill and the leaves can last years so you don’t end up leaves dropping everywhere. They are quite a special plant and can tolerate long periods without water once established. They do enjoy a bit of fertiliser to keep their colours vibrant however about once a year. Osmocote will do or a liquid fert of your choice. They aren’t too fussy.

Item: 1 Hoya Carnosa cutting that contains one leaf node with 1 to two leaves coming off it.




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