Star Grass – seconds, just slight burnt tips


Per Item: 3 – 4 stems between 8 and 15cm tall



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Type: Stem

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Medium to High

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour: Green

Latin Name: Heteranthera Zosterifolia

Additional Information: This plant arrives looking slightly different to the photo. This is because it has been grown out of water as the growers are able to do this with high humidity and grow plants very quickly this way. Rest assured, it converts to its under water form in a few weeks, and when it does it will look exactly like the photo. To keep it looking bushy and healthy trim it once a week and don’t let it grow tall. Gallery image shows emersed leaf shape.

NOTE: This plant is not a true carpeter as it is a stem plant and will grow tall if you don’t trim it. People use it as a carpet however as it looks best if kept short and bushy. In order to make a carpet with this plant you need remove the bottom leaves from the area you will be planting in the substrate and plant each stem approximately 2 inches apart so each “star” has room to spread without blocking the light of the star next door. Once you have planted your desired foot print you then trim from then on to maintain your bushy carpet. If you let your “carpet” grow tall then it will start to look unmaintained and scraggly. Star grass looks best if kept short.


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