Hardy Pond Water Lilly (White Flowers!) – Bare Rooted


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Note that your postage cost will jump up to a total of $10 if you add one of of these lilies to your cart! There is a lot of travel that goes into fetching these lilies and they generally don’t fit in my standard size courier bags either. These come from a heathy established pond on a privately owned property! According to the owners the water tests came back excellent (sorry don’t have numbers). I dig them out every Monday as you order them therefore it is bare rooted and a bit muddy! Be prepared to give each lily a pond root tab and have a pot and some substrate ready!!!

The flower in the bowl is a picture of the flower they all produce! Photo 2 is of the pond I fetch them from every week.  All the lilies are identical and they all produce this flower! It is gorgeous! They may not be sent to you WITH flowers but you can see by the photo what they will produce.

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Type: Bulb

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Average

Lighting: Sunlight

Propagation: Plant sends out bulbs into the substrate and propagate themselves

Colour: Dark Green Leaves with White Flowers

Additional Information: Give this plant a root ball or root tab and plant it in a nutrient rich substrate like daltons aquatic mix for example. Put some pebbles on top of the aquatic mix to keep it in tact and lower it slowly into your pond in order to not create a mess as aquatic mix is very much like clay. It may not be until next spring that you notice some really significant growth as lilies can take a while to settle in to their environment. Also they also go dormant in the winter time as in almost disappear completely and then come back in spring.

N.B. We believe these lilies are snail free as I’ve never seen one! However…because I have dug them out of an established outdoor pond, (as I dig them out as you order them) they may contain the odd slug or creepy crawly!! Nothing that can hurt your pet fish, however, if you are concerned then please check out our plant dip section in the FAQ at the top right of this website! I recommend the potassium permanganate option as it seems to be the least harsh option on plants compared to the other methods like bleach for example. Watered down bleach however is very effective.  If you have an outdoor pond, then over time the local creepy crawlies (slugs etc) will enter your pond and make it their home. As it will indeed if all goes well, become an established eco-system, and they will be part of it.


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