Glossostigma Elatinoides


Item: A ball of glosso plants (see photo) approximately 40-70 or more glosso plantlets.

To plant: Float in a bowl of water, then using tweezers, plant them sparsely (approx an inch or so apart) in order to create a carpet as they will fill in over time. Even if a glosso plantlet doesn’t have any roots yet, still plant it anyway as the node area will grow roots very very quickly.

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Type: Carpeter/Creeper

Care: Advanced

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Medium to Very High (preferably very high but will survive in medium light although growth will be slower)

Propagation: Sends out runners

Colour: Green

Additional Information: Use Co2 or liquid carbon (Seachem Flourish Excel),  micro and macro nutrients (Seachem Flourish). Float the plants in a bowl of water and seperate the runners from one another. Then using planting tweezers  pick up each one individually and plant an inch apart.  This is to ensure the plants have room to send out runner plants. Glossostigma will eventually form a carpet if planted correctly and kept in the right conditions.

Here is a great youtube vid on how to plant them