Echinodorus Horiztonalis – BABY 5-7cm


1 juvenile horiztonal sword

Snail and Algae free

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Item: 1 small/baby Echinodorus Horiztonalis Sword – Extremely rare and sought after!

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Average

Lighting: Medium

Propagation: Plant sends out juvenile plants above itself

Colour: Light Green

Origin: South America

Latin Name: Echinodorus Horitzonalis

Additional Information: Give this plant a root ball/tab as this plant is a heavy root feeder. Seachem Tabs and API Tabs are all good brands. Each “leaf” has a stalk with a leaf on the end that points downwards.

Photo is off the net to show you the shape colour of a medium sized horizontalis so you can see how it grows and what it will look like in your aquarium. Your sword will not come in rock wool or a pot like in the photo. Its root system will be long and healthy however. This is for those rare plant seekers! 


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