Cryptocoryne Wendtii


1 plant approx 10-12cm tall

-Don’t get caught up on how many leaves the plant has as the leaves will completely replace themselves anyway. This is typical behaviour for crypts when they are moved. You should actually cut the leaves off before planting as this will encourage the plant to produce new leaves quicker.

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Type: Cryptocoryne Wendtii

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Medium

Lighting: Low to Medium

Propagation: Plant sends out juvenile plants next to it along the substrate.

Colour: Army Green/brownish colour, has varying shades of each on the leaves

Additional Information: Give this plant a root ball/tab as this plant is a heavy root feeder. Seachem Tabs and API Tabs  are both good brands.  Also if it melts away leave it as it will grow back. It is likely to disappear for a couple of weeks and reappear. This is normal for Cryptocoryne plants and is to be expected. The new growth is always much nicer. Bare in mind these plants do not like to be moved around and will melt each time they are moved. Find a spot and leave it there for best results and you will eventually end up with multiple plants of the same sort surrounding it. This can take some time however.

See google results of how this plant looks once established in an aquarium in its submerged form. Product photo is of an emersed grown Cryptocoryne Wendtii

Even though I have not seen any non-plant eating aquatic snails in their growing area I cannot be 100% certain that there is none as their roots are submerged in water at present therefore it is a possibility. 99% of tanks contain non-plant eating snails already however if you have managed to kept your aquarium snail free then please inspect the roots of the plant for clear gel like snail eggs. It is unlikely there are any but it is always best to check. 


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