Co2 Aquarist Ultimate Dual Stage Regulator Co2 KIT


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This kit comes with everything you need to set up your Co2 system other than the Co2 bottle. It fits a standard NZ Co2 Bottle. If you want to use this regulator with a soda stream bottle then please purchase a soda stream adaptor here 

When you purchase this as a kit you are getting a 10% discount as opposed to buying everything separately!

The Co2 Aquarist Ultimate Dual Stage Regulator Kit includes the follow 

Ultimate Dual Stage Regulator + Bubble Counter 1
Twinstar Diffuser – M 1
Co2 Proof Tubing 2 metres 1
Drop Checker 1
Drop Checker Solution 1
Check Valve 2
Tubing Holder 2

About The Regulator!

Model: Co2 Aquarist Ultimate Dual Stage Regulator
Gauges: Dual
Stages: Dual
Inlet Port: W21.8-14 European Standard
Output Pressure: 0 – 70 PSI
Outlet Pressure Gauge: 0 – 140 PSI
Inlet Pressure Gauge 0 – 3,000 PSI
Solenoid: DC 12v
Wattage: 3W
Manifolds: 1

The Ultimate Dual Stage Co2 regulator boasts an impressive and convenient bubble counter manifold that allows for easy injection of Co2 into multiple aquariums. Simply add on multiple manifolds to the regulator and adjust the individual needle valves to the desired bubble count. Our manifolds are made from high quality stainless steel and materials, ensuring that you will always get consistent Co2. With an adjustable output pressure, you are protected from end of tank Co2 dumps. The high-precision needle valve allows for maximum fine tuning of Co2 up to as low as 1 bubble per 10 seconds. Our 12v DC magnetic solenoids are designed to shut off completely when Co2 injection isn’t required.

All our regulators are designed to fit AU/NZ’s Co2 cylinder threads which follows the W21.8 European standard.


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