Cardamine Lyrata (The “actual” Cardamine Lyrata)


Item: 2 stems of Cardamine Lyrata – 10cm minimum per stem



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Type:Ā Stem

Care: Easy

Growth Rate:Ā Fast

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation:Ā Cuttings

Origin: Eastern China and Siberia, as well as Korea and Japan

Colour: Green

Additional Info: Can be planted or left to float around. Looks great either way. The versatility of this plant is vast in the way you can use it as a background by letting it grow into a giant tall mass of miniature lily shaped leaves up the back and even poke out the top of your aquarium. Or you can keep the “mass” short to use as a midground plant. It will not develop large roots so weighing it down may be needed although it will root slightly if planted in the substrate. It draws most of its nutrients in via the leaves and miniature root systems that develop all over the plant discreetly and directly under each leaf. It has a temperature range of 15-28 degrees making it ideal for outdoor ponds in the summer, or indoor cold water and tropical fish tanks.

You can also tie to driftwood as it looks very pretty in this setting



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