Broad Leaf Indian Fern


Item: 2 x small plantlets approx 5cm in length

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If smaller than 5cm we will provide more plants

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Type: Fern

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation: Plant will produce miniature “plantlets” with roots that are attached to the adult leaves of another plant.

Colour: Green

Additional Information: Without a doubt the fastest growing aquatic plant we have ever encountered. This plant is primary used as a floating plant and in our opinion looks best doing so. Once established it puts out attractive looking sprigs slightly above the water. It’s roots hang below and are excellent for soaking up excess nutrients in the water. It is extremely useful if you are struggling with algae, as it will not only help limit light but because of its extremely fast growth rate it will help control phosphate and nitrate levels, which are the prime nutrients that algae feed off. It will also provide shelter for your more shy aquatic pets like birchrs, eels and plecos for example.

N.B. This plant may or may not contain harmless non-plant eating aquatic snails (if you do not wish to keep aquatic snails in your aquarium please refer to our plant dip section under the FAQ and inspect your plants thoroughly for clear gel like snail eggs).


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