Brasiliensis Chain Sword


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Type: Carpeter/Creeper/Chain Sword

Care: Average

Growth Rate: Average

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation: Each strand sends out runner plants and spreads into a carpet

Colour: Green

Latin Name: Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis

Additional Information: If you want this plant to carpet then use tweezers to plant it in single stems. You will need to pull the bunch apart and plant a clump of approximately 2 to 3 strands with their tiny little root system about 1cm apart from each other. This can take hours but is worth the time and effort. The reason this is needed to be done is because if you plant it in one huge clump like it currently is it will have no room to sends out runners and end up bunching up when it does attempt to propagate itself. Co2 or liquid carbon like flourish excel will make this plant carpet much quicker.


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