Bonnie CURLY Spider Plant ‘baby’


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Item: 1 baby Curly leaf spider plant 5-10cm – no pot

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Type: Terrarium/House Pot Plant or outdoors in a shaded area in the garden (will not survive under water) Poke it in the top of your HOB filter or grow it as a pot plant in your house or even around the edge of your outdoor pond. I personally love the look of this particular species within the  spider plant genus due to the overall shape it displays, which tends to look more round and uniformed compared to the generic straight leaved spider plant. Perfect for hanging pots as the leaves curl around the pot. Another great thing about spider plants in general is they are cold tolerant so their growth doesn’t slow down during winter.

Size: Current sizes range from 5-10cm

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Medium

Lighting: Low to Medium – likes filtered sunlight or medium lit artificial light

Propagation: Sends out little plants on stems above itself that you can peal off and replant

Colour: Green and white strip

Latin name: Chlorophytum comosum

Another note: We don’t harvest off the mother plant until the day we send them. Note that the product photo in the pot is of a 2 month old curly spider plant. 


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