Barthii Sword – Medium


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Item: 1 barthii sword

Small is around 5-8cm, medium is around 10cm+

They grow very quickly providing you give the a lot of light (does not tolerate shade well) and a root tab each approx once a year.



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Type: Sword – Photos 2 – 5 are photos of submersed grown adult Barthii. Photo 1 on the blue bench is of a baby.

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Average

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation: Plant sends out juvenile plants

Colour: Green and Red. Capable or producing red leaves with correct lighting and fertilisers.

Latin Name: Echinodorus Barthii

Additional Information: Give this plant a root ball/tab as this plant is a heavy root feeder. Seachem Tabs and API Tabs  are both good brands.