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Aquapro have discontinued their packaging and are half way through sorting out new packaging. Therefore at this current time this product does not come in a box.

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This extremely handy device can be used to empty a pond, ditch, hydroponic reservoir, fish tank or spa without having to rely on syphoning

It can quickly and effortlessly empty an aquarium right down to the last little bit of water including any left over mulm/detritus and gunk. Any small amount of water leftover is not far off residual and could easily be dried off with the wipe of a towel

Simply attach your garden hose to get it started

Made from an extremely robust plastic that is virtually impossible to break

Capable of sucking up small pebbles as well as algae, detritus and sludge

The Aquapro Little Pond Sucker comes with a 3 meter ribbed hose. The Magic Pond Sucker is the same device however you will need to supply your own hose.

You can buy longer versions of the same ribbed hose if 3m is not long enough for you. Please email us if you would like to know where to buy by the meter. Any 20mm ID (inside diameter) hose will fit this unit. Just be sure to get a hose that is not prone to kinking as this will restrict the flow rate

Tips: If you are like me and wish to use switch between the hose gun and the sucker whilst using it indoors, make sure your hose connector has a stop valve on it. (gardena make one, click here to view it) This will mean you can leave your hose going from the tap and not have water go everywhere whilst switching between the sucker and hose gun. 




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