Aponogeton Undulatus – Bulb


Per Item: 1 apon bulb – comes WITHOUT leaves.

They are cut off before sent since the leaves don’t seem to do well in the post anyway. This makes no difference to the health of the plant. Just be sure to plant it the correct way up. A little bit of leaf will be left on there so you know which way to plant it. Or you can just let it rest on the substrate instead. If you plant it, leave the area where the leaves come out slightly exposed.

will grow wavy tall leaves!


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Type: Bulb

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Average

Lighting: Medium to Very High

Propagation: Plant sends out bulbs which produce plants

Origin: India; probably also Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia

Colour: Light Green

Additional Information: The bulb at the bottom will produce roots once planted and can be planted quite close to each other as they don’t take up a lot of room at the base of the plant however this plant grows extremely tall. Expect a canopy of leaves to form on top of the water. Pruning is easy however if you want to keep them shorter. Once the plant is established, just pull on the stalk of the leaf and it will pop out from the base of the plant. No scissors required. Woohoo!

N.B. This plant may or may not contain harmless non-plant eating aquatic snails (if you do not wish to keep aquatic snails in your aquarium please refer to our plant dip section under the FAQ and inspect your plants thoroughly for clear gel like snail eggs).


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