Anubias Afzelii – Rare


Item: 1 rhizome 3-5 leaves

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Type: Rhizome

Care: Easy

Growth Rate: Slow

Lighting: Low to Medium

Propagation: Cuttings

Colour: Green

Additional Info: Roots can be buried but rhizome must not be buried otherwise it will rot. Often people will tie this plant to driftwood with cable-ties until it attaches itself then remove the cable-ties. Another option is to weight it down and let it sit on the aquarium floor. New growth will be around half the size of the current growth due to the plant originally being grown emersed. The new growth it produces will be accustomed to a fully submersed environment.

More Info: Anubias has thick robust leaves therefore adapts extremely well to emersed environments such as a terrarium; or the roots can even be poked into the media of your HOB filter making leaving the rhizome and leaves exposed to the open air. Anubias also grows extremely well completely submersed in your aquarium making it very versatile in what you can achieve with it.


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