1 Litre Chamber Dosing Bottle x 1 – very convenient


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Item: 1 x 1000ml chamber dosing bottle with lids

Suitable for any aquatic fertiliser

you will need buy 2 if you are wanting to use these for our DIY fertilisers for both Co2 and non-co2 injected aquariums. This is because you can’t mix the macro and micro together as stock solutions.

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Item: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 1000ml chamber dosing bottle.

These bottles are excellent quality and should last you a lifetime They do not leak via the lid area when tipped unsidedown or get malshapen from squeezing over time like every other chamber bottle I have used in the past. They also offer a good level of control making it surprisingly easy to get an accurate amount into the chamber when carefully squeezing to the desired level within the chamber

Also perfect for medium scale hydroponic growers who are hand dosing liquid fertilisers and don’t want to sit there with measuring cups or syringes each day

To use: just take the lid off from the chamber only side and then squeeze the bottle until the liquid goes up to the desired level within the chamber compartment. Then tip into your aquarium (or whatever it is you are dosing).

You can dot a little mark using a fin tip vivid if your dosing amount is within the pre-exisiting indent lines on the chamber since they go up in increments of 20mls. Or you can easily eyeball it which is what I do. For example: If you are wanting to dose 30mls and not 20 or 40, just squeeze the bottle until the liquid rises up to between the 20 and 40ml mark. It is surprisingly easy. I have done this for years with great success when using these bottles. The chamber maxes out at 100mls per dose. You can do a dilution before adding to the chamber bottle if you want to change the dosage amount however – see below.

Not suitable for nano tanks aquariums where dosing amounts are minuscule (less than 10ml) UNLESS you dilute your fertiliser before putting into the the chamber bottles in order to “up” the dosage amount. For example, say your usual fertiliser solution total was 1000 ml, just dilute it by adding another 1000 ml to it before putting into your dosing bottle (obviously you’ll have 1000 ml left over for later use). Now you can dose twice the amount you normally would from the bottle because your fertiliser is now twice as weak as before. I have done this when using an autodoser in order to avoid potential sediment since I can’t “shake before use” each time. You can go as far as you want with diluting. For example,  If you want to dose 3 times more than you normally would, take your pre-mixed 1000ml fertiliser solution and add another 2000ml so it totals 3000ml, and then dose 3 times the amount you usually would. If you are starting out with powder from our DIY fert range and you’re wanting to dose 3 times more than usual then it would be 3 litres of water per sachet. Obviously this means you’ll have a massive bottle of diluted fert sitting around waiting to be used. So if this isn’t what you want to do then keep reading.

IF you do not wish to keep a giant bottle of diluted fert then don’t. Turn your normal fert into a stock solution and then dilute that when needed instead. Just take what you need from your stock solution and dilute it when you need to make large batches. For example, say you wanted your dosage amount to be twice as much as you normally would and you’ve got 290ml left over from your original pre-mixed stock solution, just dilute your leftover 290ml with another 290ml of cool boiled water before tipping into your chamber dosing bottle. Obviously you’ll end up with 580 ml of diluted fert for your chamber bottle. it’s just a 1:1 mixing ratio. I hope this makes sense. If not please email me.

How to Force your tricky dosing amount into something simple and easy to dose (for those who want it): Let’s say for examples sake that you normally dose 2mls of fert per 40L of aquarium water as per bottle directions. But you WANT to dose 20ml instead of 2ml so you don’t have to use an annoying syringe all the time AND you get to use these awesome chamber bottles. Therefore, we want to make our fertiliser 10 times less potent than it used to be.  I figured out that it needed it to be 10 times less potent by dividing 20 (amount we want to dose) by 2 (the amount we used to dose) since 20/2 = 10. Now we need to know how much fert (AKA stock solution) and how much water we need to put into our 1000ml bottle in order to get it to be 10 times less concentrated than before. Because the bottle is 1000ml we obviously don’t want any wastage and we want the total amount of diluted fert to equal 1000ml since our dosing bottle holds 1000ml. So go 1000 (however many mls our bottle holds) divided by 10 (answer we got before)  = 100. Therefore we need 100ml of fert (stock solution) and 900ml of water since 900ml+100ml = 1000ml and that fits perfectly into our chamber bottle.  Now we can dose 20ml of fert per 40l instead of 2ml per 40L. The total calculation to know how much stock solution to tip into our empty 1000ml chamber bottle is: (20/2 = 10) (1000/10 = 100). The answer is 100ml of stock solution fert to 900ml of water. I knew I needed 900ml of water since 1000 – 100 =  900.

This is especially useful for people with REALLY annoying dosages. For example, let’s pretend Mary normally had to dose 1.65ml of her usual fert per 50L of aquarium water but she wanted to make a “dilution” of her “usual fert” aka stock solution in order to dose 20ml instead so she can stop using a syringe to measure AND use her awesome new 1000ml dosing bottle. The calculation on a calculator is this: (20/1.65 = 12.121212121212121) THEN go (1000/12.121212121212121 = 82.500000000000001). Therefore she needs 82.5ml of stock solution (her original fert) to go into her empty 1000ml bottle which is then topped up with cool boiled water. Now she can use her new chamber bottle to dose 20ml instead of 1.65ml and achieve the exact same dosing concentration. To calculator the amount of water required to go with your stock solution just go (size of the bottle) minus (the amount of stock solution) and there’s your answer. If this is too much to read and work out, please email me and i’ll tell you how much pre-made fert to add to your chamber bottle.

The 500ml dosing bottles and smaller which are more suitable for nano set ups are not available at this time sorry.  The minimum order requirement per size was astronomical (within the hundreds) and I wasn’t game enough to order that many of each size in one go.

Happy dosing!






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