Snail Free Range

Welcome to the snail free range! These plants are 100% snail free.

Some people welcome snails whilst others do not. In my experience they cause no harm as I have never witnessed any to eat plants (other than golden apple snails which are normally purchased as pets anyway).

If you are setting up a new tank and want to keep it snail free then please order from this range unless you’re really good at spotting them.

We are working at increasing our snail free range over time. It is important to note that snails are incredible hitchhikers. If you ever get driftwood or plants from another fish tank, chances are you’ll get snails as they seem to be very common and are circulating NZ like wildfire.

Snails can live harmoniously with fish and plants and are generally not noticeable in an aquarium providing you don’t leave uneaten fish food scattered around the tank. Overfeeding the fish can cause snail populations to boom. Dosing flourish excel daily will definitely knock their populations down to almost non-existent levels but it won’t wipe them out completely. Flubendazole is known to take out pond snails without harming the filter bacteria.

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Showing 1–12 of 56 results