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Aquatic Plants
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by Catherine on Aquatic Plants

Wonderful service and wonderful products! The plants all arrived in great condition and are flourishing with the fertilizer mix.

by Kerrie on Aquatic Plants

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and helping us solve the major algae over growth in our tank! You have been a very valuable resource with everything you know. Thank you. The plants we have purchased are superb in quality and always do very well. Thank you 😊

by Ginny on Aquatic Plants

Lovely plants that arrived in good health. I even received a free Barthii Sword and a couple of sweets that was very kind. After a week in the tank they have taken off (used Seachem tabs, as well as a bit of Seachem Excel and Flourish). I would love to order more, but that would involve getting a bigger aquarium!

by Cate on Aquatic Plants


I received my order early Wednesday afternoon, perfectly packaged and well handled. The plants were in good condition and I couldn’t spot any algae at all. They even taped two starburst lollies to the lid for me. My only complaint is that the individual plants didn’t come labelled or in separate bags, and for a beginner like me, it made determining which plant was which a little more difficult. Some general care instructions could’ve helped too. Overall, Aquatic Plants are good quality and reliable, would definitely recommend.

by Tim on Aquatic Plants

Great plants, great advice - very pleased with the service.
I planted my new tank in one go and the plants are all growing well & looking good.

by Sandy on Aquatic Plants

Fantastic! Great advice and a great service.

by T on Aquatic Plants

Awesome all round. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up.
good work team 😀

by Ross on Aquatic Plants

Excellent service. I've ordered twice in the last couple of weeks and the plants arrived in perfect condition each time. Very well packed in sturdy plastic container. Plants arrived very fast and I live in Dunedin. Very healthy and generous bunches of plants. Would recommend to any one thinking of ordering.

by Carissa Grimmer on Aquatic Plants

I didn't know what to expect; have never ordered aquatic plants online before. They arrived promptly on Wednesday morning, and I was pleasantly surprised! Some of the plants are even labeled so I didn't get confused between similar varieties, and I even found a few sweet goodies in there. I spent just over $70, and I will most definitely be back for more. Thank you so much!

by Thomas Neal on Aquatic Plants

Best aquatic plant supplier I've ever worked with.
-plants were in perfect condition, not just good... perfect. no damage of any kind, perfectly clean.
-plants were excellently packed and could easily have survived 10 days in shipping, but actually arrived overnight!
-fast shipping.
-excellent customer service; email responses were quick and courteous, even added a couple of lollies to the package just for fun!

I highly recommend this provider.

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