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Christmas Season

Get your 2016 orders in before the 18th of December 2016!  Any orders placed after December 18th won’t be posted until Jan 10th 2017. We still have plenty of Free Baby Aponogeton Undulatus to give away with every order. But once they are gone they’re gone for a looooooong time.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

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MOSS Time!

Finally Peacock Moss has come back in stock. It is rare and in high demand. Not to be mistaken for Java moss or Christmas moss as it is far more superior with its lush texture and gorgeous colour and shape.

You can be as creative as you like with it. Attaching it thinly to branches of driftwood using fishing line or glue, or spreading it on logs using glue. Or just let it float around for fry to hang out in. The possibilities are vast when you put mind to it.

My favourite thing to do is to use one of these little Moss Holders as they are just so easy to use!! And easy is what I like 🙂 You just put the moss inside the lid then screw the base into the lid and place it back into your aquarium and wait a few weeks. It will quickly grow out the top and form a squishy ball of moss that looks absolutely amazing. Any moss can be used in them by the way. I have used Riccia Fluitans in my Moss Holder in the photo but I have also used peacock moss before. Riccia Fluitans and Peacock Moss are my two favourite types of moss. Containing RicciaAll ready to grow

Peacock Moss
Peacock Moss





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Make yourself a cute little Terrarium!

Here I have used small swords. They will be taken out and put into an aquarium once they are too big but they look beaut in the mean time and I will be making a few of these with different plants that can be trimmed for permanent fixtures around our home.

Almost all aquatic plants can be used in this type of setup. The trick is to have a lid (like my lollie jar here) to get some humidity in there and also keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t get too hot and wilt. Natural light is fine so no need to go shopping for a fancy lamp, although you can do if you wish. LED bulbs are great as they don’t put out too much heat and are very efficient on power. Keep the potting mix moist and spray the plants daily with a water sprayer. Once a month give the plants some fertiliser. We recommend Seasol Sword Terrarium

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New Product!! Broad Leaf Indian Fern

The Fastest growing plant!!

So we have Broad Leaf indian Fern now. This one is for floating! It soaks up nutrients like a giant sponge and grows at a rate you would not believe until you saw it with your own eyes. This plant is a life saver for people who are wanting a plant to help combat algae, soak up excess nutrients and keep the water clean with low nitrates for fish like discus. Not to mention it’s gorgeous as you can see. Also, If you have fish that feel safe under shelter like plecos and birchrs for example, this is an excellent choice! And what’s even better is we’ve put it on sale to celebrate its arrival!! Broad Leaf Indian Fern Leaf