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Make yourself a cute little Terrarium!

Here I have used small swords. They will be taken out and put into an aquarium once they are too big but they look beaut in the mean time and I will be making a few of these with different plants that can be trimmed for permanent fixtures around our home.

Almost all aquatic plants can be used in this type of setup. The trick is to have a lid (like my lollie jar here) to get some humidity in there and also keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t get too hot and wilt. Natural light is fine so no need to go shopping for a fancy lamp, although you can do if you wish. LED bulbs are great as they don’t put out too much heat and are very efficient on power. Keep the potting mix moist and spray the plants daily with a water sprayer. Once a month give the plants some fertiliser. We recommend Seasol Sword Terrarium

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